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Spanish lessons for kids, students and adults!! I'm native Spanish and I can also speak English
I'm an student at the UvA from Spain living in Amsterdam for a few months. I have experience as a particular teacher and I really like teaching. As you see, I'm native Spanish and I can speak English as well, so I'll use English and Spanish in our classes. If you want to learn Spanish and have fun this is your opportunity! :)

Private Singing Lessons: all levels and styles, specialising in Classical, Musical Theatre and Choral music
Whether you dream of becoming a professional singer, would like singing lessons simply for your own enjoyment, or need help preparing for performances, exams, auditions, and competitions, I would love to hear from you! I teach singing lessons for all ages and levels, and will travel to you (in some cases with a small extra travel cost, only where necessary). I am Australian, and teach in English. I am a recent graduate of a Master of Arts in Classical Vocal Studies at the Royal Academy of Music, London, and before that I studied my Bachelor of Music and a Graduate Diploma of Music (both in Classical Voice) at the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts, in my home city of Perth, Australia. Currently I am living in The Hague while studying an Artist Diploma at the Koninklijk Conservatorium and working as a professional singer. More details of my singing can be found at my website: http://bonniedelahunty.com. I have 5 years' experience as a private singing teacher for children and adults in Australia and in London. My lessons focus on establishing good technical foundations through posture and breathing technique. We will also study various warm ups and technical exercises to help improve pitch, tone, control, and range. I will work with you to choose pieces that you enjoy and will be suitable for your voice, abilities, and any performances you are working towards, including exam and audition repertoire. For those wanting to perform, we will work on stagecraft and stage presence. I can also coach you in the sung diction, where relevant, of English, French, Italian and German. I like to incorporate elements of music theory and aural skills into lessons, as relevant to your level and the pieces we are studying. This includes learning to read music if you are a beginner, improving melodic and rhythmic sight singing skills, and learning about the harmonies in your pieces in a way that is fun and directly complimentary to your technical studies. I would love to hear from you soon!

Music Lessons: Trombone - Trumpet - Tuba - Solfege
I'm a professional trombone player and I write music for many different ensembles. In 2014 I graduated in Italy and now I'm living in Rotterdam to study with Ilja Reijngoud, Bert Boeren and Andy Hunter. I had a 4 year-experience teaching trumpet, trombone, tuba and solfege in local band's school for beginners and people that already can play and know the music, for all the ages. I can give you some interesting material to practice in order to improve your slide/valve technique, exercises from many books, songs and everything you like to play. If you are a beginner, first I'll show you how the instrument works, then I'll provide you some basic music sheets. I like to play together during the lesson, exchange ideas and I'm open to any kind of music.

!Hola! Are you ready to learn or improve your Spanish?
I'm a professional Spanish teacher with more than seven years experience teaching Spanish as a second language. I have taught Spanish in many places such as Paris, Madrid and Belgium in both public and private schools. I have classes for all age groups and levels. I try to make my classes interesting and fun based upon my students' needs. I'm available both online and in person to all ages. The most important thing I look for is someone who is willing to learn. And if you're not, I'll try to make the class fun and change your mind. Specialties: -Phonetics/ pronunciation -Basic/Advanced Conversations -Business Spanish -Grade School Students (5-15 years old) -Spanish and Latin American Culture and Literature I look forward to teaching you. Gracias!

Ana Gimeno
Enjoy learning Spanish with an experienced native speaker
My priority is to take into account your interests so I customise the lessons depends on what you prefer to practice and the topic you would like to learn about. I use diverse materials to ensure the lessons are interactive and you enjoy them.

Spanish Lessons with Native speaker. Achieve basic fluency.
Learn Spanish from a native speaker. Expose yourself to techniques for learning pronunciation, grammar, and vocabulary and never forget. The focus is on three stages: first we train your ears and eyes to recognize and pronounce the sounds of the Spanish language, second we focus on vocabulary and basic grammar rules and third conversational challenges, aiming at good pronunciation and lighting fast recall. Achieve basic fluency in three months.

French Classes, Beginners to Advanced, with Native Speaker
I am a native French speaker with some experience in teaching French. I adapt to the student's needs and ambitions to propose flexible or intensive classes, for absolute beginners to advanced levels. I usually assign some homework after every lesson and will provide regular feedback on the progresses made. I am used to working with both adults and children. One to one or two people classes.

English, French, Spanish, Italian, Romanian, Latin, Sanskrit, Hindi, Religious Studies, Philosophy
Experience • 20 years teaching experience (12 at university level and 8 at secondary education level) • 6 years of supply-teaching in the UK; • 6 years of cover supervisor in the UK; • 7 years of tuition experience in the UK; • Extensive knowledge, experience and work in education at all levels from Secondary to Graduate, Postgraduate and Adult Learning; • Knowledge of the UK Curricula for English, French, Spanish, Religious Studies; • Experience of teaching and tutoring various group ages and backgrounds; • Modern Methods of teaching and tutoring, including the Comparative Method and the Inter-Disciplinary Approach; • Outstanding Linguistic Competencies. Near to Native Level of English, French and Spanish in regards to Conversation, Understanding, Reading and Writing; Advanced in Italian and Hindi; Intermediate Latin and Sanskrit; Beginner in Dutch and German; Native Romanian. • Participation in the International Conferences of Religion, the IAHR Congress in Durban and the IAHR Congress in Tokyo; Participation in the Symposium on Inter-Religious Dialogue in Nagoya; • Research Fellowship in French, Philosophy and Religious Studies from University of Liverpool; • Post-doctoral in English, Philosophy and Religious Studies from University of Edinburgh; • Ph.D. in French, Philosophy and Religious Studies from University of Paris, Sorbonne; Postdoctoral Research Fellowships, University of Liverpool (French, Religious Studies, Philosophy), and University of Edinburgh (English, Philosophy, Comparative Religion) • Research scholar at the Institute of Philosophy and Psychology of the Romanian Academy; • University Professor of History of Religions, of Philosophy of Religion and of Hermeneutics; Lived Experience • 71/2 years of lived experience in England and Scotland; • 1 year of lived experienced in France, Paris; • 1 year of lived experienced in Spain, Andalucía; • 2 years of lived experienced in India, New Delhi and Agra Education • Post-doctoral studies with University of Liverpool and University of Edinburgh • English Language and Literature as Major Subject at the university Entrance Exams, as well as Subject studied and mastered during university years; • Ph.D. diploma in French, Philosophy and Religious Studies at Université de Paris, Sorbonne, 520 pages Paper written in French; Recognised as PhD in Philosophy by NARIC, UK • Diploma in Spanish at Instituto Cervantes • Diploma in Hindi Language • Diploma in Sanskrit; author of Sanskrit textbook in Romanian) • QTS in UK and MA in Romania • LATIN (university exams passed)

Soutien scolaire, cours de français et anglais - primaire/collège/lyçée
En stage à La Haye je propose des cours de soutien scolaire pour des enfants et adolescents. J'ai obtenu mon Baccalauréat section scientifique mention très bien ainsi que un bachelor de Sciences Po. J'ai déjà donné des cours de soutien scolaire pendant plus de deux ans à des enfants de 7, 10, 12 et 14 ans, une chouette expérience que j'aimerais réitérer à La Haye. Je m'adapte à des niveaux différents selon les besoins de l'élève.

Quieres hablar español? Spanish lessons from native speaker for adults and students
Hola! My name is Carlos and I come from Spain. I like lessons to be dynamic and participative. Whether you need to improve your communicative skills or learn grammar and how to write: I can help you! To most important thing to me is that you get the best out of your time with me, so we will set some goals and I will design a roadmap for you to achive success. I have been tutoring students aged from 14 to 20 for three years. I am easy going and commited. We can practice communication and writing skills. I can help with homework, school assignments, preparing exams... Just let me know your goals and we will work on them!

Conversational and Business English for Students and Adults
You and I will use real world experiences and obstacles to practice and learn English vocabulary and grammar. With a structured curriculum based around student needs within an easily adaptable environment, we will traverse the beautiful world of language. Business, Politics, and everyday English.

Cello lessons. All levels, all ages! The Hague, Amsterdam, Haarlem...
Hi this is Laura. I am an experienced cello teacher and performer who teaches all ages and all levels of students. I have a strong classical trained background and performance experiences. I got my cello degree at Conservatori del Liceu in Barcelona and then I continued my master studies at Royal Conservatory in Den Haag. I've played with many orchestras and ensembles around Europe. I love teaching students of all ages and abilities. After teaching many years I understand all of my student are unique and different. I make sure to create individual lesson plans and teaching methods for each of my students. Whether you are new to cello, or you had already built up certain foundation. email: lauraconesag@gmail.com Or you can send me a whatsapp or call me at: +34 600 099 290 Areas: The Hague, Leiden, Haarlem,, Amsterdam I am looking forward to hearing from you!

French/Russian/English Tuition (English native speaker)
I am a University-educated languages student (BA in French and Russian, MA in Slavonic studies) with years of living in France that have afforded me a highly competent level of French, and a year at Moscow State University as well as four years of intensive study that allow me to now provide my own language classes. I can specialise my programme to suit you - whether it be working towards a school exam, or a more business-level and technical training, or conversational, informal language skills.

English or Speech and Drama classes for adults and children
I tutor English and edit/proofread academic papers. I enjoy working with both children and adults who are seeking to develop their English language skills. I am happy to tailor individual lessons to specific needs including: - conversational skills - exam preparation - interview practice I also offer Speech and Drama lessons for both children and adults. Speech and Drama is a wonderful way to develop English language skills, performance skills, confidence, public speaking and appreciation/understanding of English Literature. I teach according to LAMDA (London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art) principals and am able to offer one-to-one or small group classes. LAMDA holds examinations several times a year in various cities so taking a formal examination is also possible for interested students. Examination categories include: Acting, Verse and Prose, Public Speaking, Reading for Performance etc. I have a BA in English and Theatre Studies from the University of Melbourne as well as a PCertLAM Certificate of Performance Studies from LAMDA. I am currently completing a (research) Master's of Literary Studies at the University of Amsterdam. I have tutored privately for several years and spent last year working as a British Council Language Assistant in Paris. Please contact me to discuss your specific requirements. Looking forward to hearing from you! Kind regards, Anna-Rose

Leon Haxby
Professional Piano / Composition / Music Theory Classes in English
Music lessons in English for everyone - young or old! The lessons will be tailored specifically to what you want to learn, whether that's classical repertoire, or your favourite pop songs! My philosophy in Music Tuition is to improve the student's technique through exercises and pieces which they enjoy. I also provide a general music education as I believe in a holistic approach, and increasing their passion for music which will increase their motivation for practice and improvement.

Private Violin and Viola lessons for all ages and abilities
I am an experienced violin/viola teacher recently arrived in the Netherlands from Australia. I have a Bachelor of Music (Honours) from the University of Melbourne and am currently completing a Bachelor of Early Music at the Royal Conservatoire at the Hague. I have been teaching for more than 10 years, and since 2013 was running a strings program at a steiner school in Tropical North Australia, as well as running a busy teaching studio and conducting community orchestras in the area. I love teaching and consider it one of my main passions. I enjoy working with students of all ages, and have taught several adult students of varying abilities, as well as children as young as four. I aim for my lessons to be enjoyable, inspirational, systematic, and holistic (covering many different musical aspects and skills in one lesson). I am a friendly and patient teacher who believes in all my students and helps them be the best they can be.

Clara Panella
Spanish and Italian (Beginners/Advanced-for students or adults)
¡Hola! Ciao! I'm a native speaker of both Spanish and Italian, and I'd be more than happy to help you learn these beautiful languages. You can choose to have a conversation class or include grammar and exercises in it. As you prefer. I'll try to make them as interesting as possible! Hope to meet you soon!

Post-Graduate offers Piano and Music Theory lessons (English/Spanish!)
I am a 24-year-old Spanish master student at HKU, in Utrecht. I have been teaching for more than 5 years now: Piano, Harmony, Basic music theory... Children from 5-6 to seniors, every level is welcome, from begginers to advanced students. From classic to jazz, through rock/pop. I offer the same classes in Spanish, so as to learn the language at the same time. Please feel free to ask for any info you might need!

Written and/or Spoken French lessons for interested people or people in need of support with French language.
I am a 22 years old native French speaker. I am currently completing a Bachelor at the Hague. Netherlands is the fourth country I have been living in in my life. I lived in France until the age of 12. Then I moved to Oslo in Norway and lived there until the age of 20. Between the age of 20 and the time I arrived at the Hague, I studied in Manchester. Therefore I am used to be surrounded by people from different countries. Many of my international relationships ask me where I am from in France, where this city is located, and wether it is a nice city. They have fun trying to speak French with me. They do it spontaneously. Therefore, I would enjoy giving French individual private lessons to non-native French speakers who wish to speak this beautiful language, or need/want some support with it. I can do conversations in French, bring support in French grammar and conjugaison, and look at written works.

Spanish classes in Maastricht, for all ages and goals.
I am a master degree candidate at Maastricht University, I am from Spain and living in Maastricht for 1 year. I have experience teaching at university and my native language is spanish which I enjoy a lot to teach. The classes will be prepared depending on the level and goals of each student. I am flexible to create the best class for you.

Interactive Private English Lessons with Native Speaker
My goal is to help students enjoy the process of learning English and become confident with listening, speaking, reading and writing skills. I have experience teaching students (ages 5-12) in Boston and Barcelona and I use fun and interactive exercises. Depending on age/level, different techniques can be used. Each lesson is dependent on the student's needs and can be adapted to his/her strengths and weaknesses, the current topics/level taught in school, and the rate at which the student learns. :: Conversation - role playing exercises to practice common phrases and expressions :: Vocabulary - use multiple approaches to improve memory retention (notecards, games) :: Writing - grammar, sentence structure, etc. :: Reading and pronunciation :: Help with homework, test preparation, proof-reading academic papers

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Italian language and culture
Excellent, very polite, very organized and methodical. The course is very pleasant and fruitful.
Beoordeling door IOULIA T.
Cécile is a professional teacher with a personal approach. Besides being a very friendly person, her teaching is absolutely worth recommending.
Beoordeling door TIMON R.
French tuitions for expats
Laureline is well organized, experienced tutor. I like her teaching style. I would recommend her highly !
Beoordeling door KIHONG J.

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