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Mathematics/ Wiskunde, any topics allowed/ alle themas mogelijk
I tutor mathematics, mainly aimed at high school / primary school students but university students are obviously also welcome! Any subject topics are fine, just make sure to inform me if the course is quite advanced, so I can make sure I can be of help. Ik geef bijles wiskunde, vooral bedoeld voor jongeren onder 18, maar studenten van de universiteit of hoge school zijn ook altijd welkom! Alle soorten wiskunde zijn prima, maar licht me wel even in als het over hele geavanceerde wiskunde gaat zodat ik er zeker van kan zijn dat ik je kan helpen.

Mathematics - tutoring, homework assistance, examination revision and class preparation
With over four years Mathematics teaching experience in mixed ability classes I am able to adapt to whatever level of understanding my students have in the subject. Lessons only available in English unfortunately, I am still learning Dutch.

Lora Deniz
Piano, Music, Creative Learning and Keyboard Lesson
Classic, Jazz, Musical and Cinema music, you can play the piano of your preferred style. From beginner to advanced, no age limit! For Kids | Lessons are adopted each pupil's potential and help them to developer their skills. Lessons can be combined with ear training. For Adults | Music Theory will be taught during the piano lesson which helps you to understand the music structure and take you to artistic piano playing. Regular, irregular, intensive lessons are possible. My name is Lora Deniz Omeroglu, I am a classically trained pianist with a degree in Composition and extensive experience as a piano teacher. In the last ten years I have worked with students of all ages and from different levels. I give piano lessons at home or on location in Amsterdam and surroundings. It is my belief that whether it is piano or another instrument, creating melodies and sound with the help of your body is all by itself a beautiful idea to sustain.

Spanish/Catalan or Life Sciences (chemistry, biology) private lessons
I am a Spanish and Catalan scientist (Ph.D. in neurosciences) passionate about science and languages. I have vast experience giving private classes to either students or adults. I hold extensive knowledge about of life sciences-related subjects (biology, biochemistry, chemistry or physics) and a good attitude for teaching languages (for both speaking or grammar purposes). Just contact me if you´d like to either learn a new language or just to improve your speaking skills. I´ll be pleased to help you achieve your goals!

English language lessons for all levels including exam practice.
English exam preparation, one to one lessons, conversation classes, after school tutoring. Practice and improve your English language skills for travel, study or work in a relaxed environment. I am a native English teacher and speak Dutch fluently.

Mathematics and Computer programming tutoring for students in high school
I am very good at teaching math (especially calculus) and also computer programming. My target audience would be children in high school. I am very patient with children and can manage them very well. Given a syllabus that I need to teach you will soon see that I can be a great teacher!

Flute lessons - learn from the best! Graduated with Cum Laude diploma Maja gives lessons in city center of Maastricht.
Two courses you can choose: 1. Classical a) begginer - learn how to play flute with a good basics which will serve you best for future career b) intermediate - develop your already achived skills by improving all aspects of flute playing and music interpretation c) advanced - improve your skills and prepare for entrance exams for your dream univerity or orchestra audition 2. Freelance Learn how to enjoy flute playing in any type of music! Is it Pop/Jazz/House/Electronic music? Thats the perfect choice. In this course you can also learn how to make arrangments of your favourite songs, what tools do you need and how to record multitrack videos!

Fun Turkish Language Lessons from a Literature Student
I am a Literature Master's Student in Leiden University with a background in tutoring, translation and editing in Turkish-English dialects and texts as well as academic exams like IELTS. As I continue my degree, I would like to teach the wonderful Turkish language to those interested. The courses will be given in English and we will be creating a schedule to fit your needs. From daily small talk to grammar, from alphabet to business dialect, all will be suited to your needs and wants. My main purpose is to open up the pathway to connection through languages and cultures. The course can be given to up to 8 people. More would be hard to keep up. Hope to talk to you soon! Best, Zeynep

Leon Haxby
Professional Composition / Music Theory / DJ Lessons in English
I am a friendly, patient and professional Piano, Composition and DJ teacher from London, currently living in Amsterdam. I began composition lessons with Darren Bloom at Forest School and was awarded a scholarship to the Royal Birmingham Conservatoire, where I graduated with a BMus in Composition in 2015. I am now studying for a Masters degree at the Conservatorium van Amsterdam with Richard Ayres and Wim Henderickx. My previous teachers include Richard Causton, Edwin Roxburgh, Ed Bennett, Joe Cutler and Howard Skempton. I have also taken part in masterclasses with Mario Garuti and Colin Matthews. I was the winner of the Orchestre Nouvelle Generation Composers Competition 2016/17, and the Birmingham Conservatoire Orchestral Composition Prize 2015. My scores are held in the Royal Academy of Music and American Viola Society libraries, and my pieces have been performed in various locations throughout Europe, the USA, Canada and South Africa. In addition to classical composition, I have also completed a number of scores for short films and composed the soundtrack for Marianna Jungman's show at London Fashion Week in 2014. Other collaborators include Jeff Leyshon, Andrew Delaney, Zena Holloway and New York-based photographer Graeme Montgomery. I have been commissioned to write soundtracks for Japanese Vogue and Cent Magazine. For DJing, I specialize in Techno, Dubstep, and Drum & Bass music. I was taught by Noah Priddle and Kasey Riot at the London Sound Academy where I completed a course in 2017. Teaching Experience: From 2009-2011 I taught Drumkit to students aged between 10-15 at a local Rock & Pop School. I've also been involved in a number of music courses for children between 2009-2014 as a Supervisor / Sound Technician. In 2016 I began giving private lessons and built up a group of over 20 pupils ranging from 5 years old to adults. Between April-July 2017, I also gave private and small-group music lessons at a local primary school. Approach to Teaching: My philosophy in Music Tuition is to improve the student's technique through exercises and pieces which they enjoy. I also provide a general music education as I believe in a holistic approach, and increasing their passion for music which will increase their motivation for practice and improvement.

Tutoring Mathematics, English, Biology, and Chess.
I have a bachelors grade NSC (equivalent to A levels) in the following subjects: Maths, English, Afrikaans, Biology, Physical Science, Geography and Life Orientation. I have tutored various children with various abilities and have thoroughly enjoyed it. I can teach the listed subjects up until grade 11 starting from as young as 7. I can also travel up to 15 minutes away from my location to teach at no additional charge.

Basic, Pre-Intermediate or Advanced class of Italian
As a native Italian speaker, I would love to help people get to know this language more in depth, and help them with the grammar and pronunciation as well. The class can be either focused on the technical part of the language, or it can be just a way to pratice it by having fun and engaging conversations. It doesn't matter whether you are a beginner or at an advanced level, I can help you in both cases!

Shivam Krishna
Learn how to do basic calculations on tips using vedic math
I specialize in Math and Vedic Math (short tricks to do the calculations). I aim at improving the calculations and basics of math among students and give regular practical assignments to students. Regular assessment and report is the part of pedagogy I follow.

Italian, French and Authentic Italian Recipes, Cooking lessons
I have a degree in foreign languages (English, German, French) and I have a passion for the Italian language. I have been teaching Italian for several years to students (also Opera singers) and adults. My goal is to lead you through the learning process and make it feel a positive and bright experience. I speak several languages and know exactly what you will be going through. In addition, I would love to teach you the art of cooking Italian dishes.

Italian Classes (beginner-intermediate-advanced) with Italian native teacher
Hi all! I am Isabella, I am 22 years old and I am Italian, from Venice. I am currently studying at the Erasmus University of Rotterdam. I would love to help you to learn or improve your Italian. We can have conversations, read, study grammar or I can give you exercises. Please do not hesitate to call me or email me if you want to have any further information. A presto! Isabella

French tutorial, Language test preparation, with French Native teacher
Bonjour! I am a Master student at Erasmus University of Rotterdam. I have done most of my studies in Paris, and a little bit in Buenos Aires. I am a French native. I think that the experience of languages and the understanding of it mostly comes from the way you learned it, and the way you teach it someday. Throughout this experience, I want to share my language and learn about you this way. My goal is to make the most appropriate lesson for you. This is why I would ask you to tell me your expectations before we begin, and will keep you updated on your progress. I am really excited about sharing this experience with you, and I hope to meet you soon!

ENGLISH & ITALIAN tutoring lessons for students and adults
I can provide Italian individual language lessons for students and adults. I provide individual and small group courses in General and Professional English for students and adults working in different environments and industries. Thanks to over 2 years-experience of teaching, I am familiar with different teaching and learning methods and tools. I am also keen on integrating technology in the learning process. Through my teaching experience, I have also gained an ability to build positive relationships with my students and modify the lessons to their needs.

Piano lessons, classical and pop and music theory for all ages and levels
My name is Nadav, I am a Master's graduate of Conservatorium van Amsterdam's classical piano department. I offer piano lessons for all ages and levels! The lessons are adjusted to each and every student according to his/her musical desires and curiosity while relying on the basis of classical piano technique.

Private tutoring in Mathematics - English speaking Math guidance for Primary & High School levels.
Hey there, I’m Kamile! I tutor mathematics at primary and high school levels. I provide focussed guidance with math homework, extra exercises and studying for math tests. The tutoring sessions are off course fully tailored to the needs and learning abilities of your young student. On parents’ request I provide a short progress update after each session, on WhatsApp or any other preferred messenger. A little bit about myself: - I’m Lithuanian, and have been living in the Netherlands for 6 years now. Currently located in the Benoordenhout area in The Hague. - I quit my corporate marketing job to pursue my dream career in becoming a professional food photographer. - I love tutoring on the side as I love helping young students and I truly love and miss math tests. I understand it might sounds strange to others, but solving math problems is very very exciting to me! - I’ve studied math at the highest level in high school, and graduated from International Business Administration at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam with a grade 9.2 (out of 10) for mathematics. - I currently tutor 2 dutch students (primary and high school), but have time for a few more students in need of some extra guidance. Feel free to ask me any questions you might have!

French&Spanish Teaching through Culture and Civilization
I specialize in tutoring French& Spanish for adults and students interested in French&Spanish culture: literature, art, religion and spirituality, philosophy, turism, actuality news, history, patrimoine, etc ... My goal is teach the language through these subjects, with texts, videos, conversations, making a focus on the grammatical&lexical skills that the student can learn with the chosen document and subject.

Fun, Creative, Dynamic English with Experienced Native Teacher
Personalised Classes I offer fun, creative, professional and dynamic classes that are designed for you. Each lesson depends on you, and focuses on your specific objectives (Speaking, Listening, Business, Travel, Cambridge Exams FCE CAE CPE IELTS, Vocabulary for Work etc.). We work at your pace, and use lots of different materials like videos, articles, recordings, e-mails, games, WhatsApp etc. The best way to learn grammar or vocabulary is with lots of speaking practice, to help you speak fluently and confidently! The classes are in a quiet place or online using a virtual classroom. We share and scan everything by Evernote, so all your English notes and materials are organized in one place! Experienced Teacher I am fully qualified (B.A. HONS, CELTA), with years of experience teaching private classes, company and group classes. I have studied Languages, Linguistics, and Second Language Acquisition, and I am passionate about learning languages. Ask me for my CV

Primary and Secondary Mathematics tutoring in Hoofddorp
I am DUO licensed mathematics teacher for under graduate level.I did Masters in pure mathematics and currently doing master's in stochastic and Finance mathematics at VU. I have tutoring experience in mathematics and science at Kip McGrath education centre at Singapore.

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Italian language and culture
Excellent, very polite, very organized and methodical. The course is very pleasant and fruitful.
Beoordeling door IOULIA T.
Cécile is a professional teacher with a personal approach. Besides being a very friendly person, her teaching is absolutely worth recommending.
Beoordeling door TIMON R.
French tuitions for expats
Laureline is well organized, experienced tutor. I like her teaching style. I would recommend her highly !
Beoordeling door KIHONG J.

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