Deze feestperiode, geef als geschenk een verrijkende leerervaring!

Van muziek over talen tot alle vormen van kunst, een geschekbon van Apprentus is het geknipte cadeau voor jouw vrienden en naasten: het aanreiken van een verrijkende leerervaring.

Hoe gebruik ik de Apprentus geschenkbon?

De geschenkbon kan worden gebruikt om een les te reserveren bij eender welke leraar op de Apprentus-site. Van piano, gitaar of zangles tot Frans, Spaans tot allerlei kunstlessen, iedereen kan de geknipte leraar vinden om te leren wat ze willen.

Om een geschenkbon te gebruiken, zoek eenvoudigweg de les die u interesseert op de site en geef vervolgens uw geschenkcode in wanneer u uw afspraak vastlegt met uw leraar. De geschenkbon kan u ook overdragen aan een andere persoon. Echter, ze zijn niet terugbetaalbaar en vervallen na 1 jaar.

Na uw bestelling ontvangt u van ons een mail met een mooie geschenkbon, klaar om af te drukken of te verzenden naar wie u er een plezier mee wil doen.

Recent geposte privélessen

Mathematics/ Wiskunde, any topics allowed/ alle themas mogelijk
I tutor mathematics, mainly aimed at high school / primary school students but university students are obviously also welcome! Any subject topics are fine, just make sure to inform me if the course is quite advanced, so I can make sure I can be of help. Ik geef bijles wiskunde, vooral bedoeld voor jongeren onder 18, maar studenten van de universiteit of hoge school zijn ook altijd welkom! Alle soorten wiskunde zijn prima, maar licht me wel even in als het over hele geavanceerde wiskunde gaat zodat ik er zeker van kan zijn dat ik je kan helpen.

Organic Chemistry,Toxicology, Phytochemistry,Italian,
Why you need to learn Organic Chemistry? It not just a subject or a field, it is our world!!! Why do you need to learn organic chemistry? It's not just a topic or a field, it's our world !!!All that surrounds us is made of molecules that interact with each other. Is not it a good reason to know? Maybe not enough! When you learn chemistry you can see a new world made by little things that create a huge world, ours! From Food to Technology, from Cosmetics to Clothes, From Plant to Health!!!! I have spent last 7 years to study it! It's never simple understand a new world, but it is amazing do it !!! LET'S DISCOVER ORGANIC CHEMISTRY!!!

Jesús Lorca
Software Development, engineering or general Informatics
Would you like to learn Software development? Or would you like your kids to be taught about engineering principles and software to become a future IT engineer? Or even, would you like to learn about basic Informatics? Irrespective of your goal, I am pretty sure I can help you. Software will be the one of the most important things to learn for the future, as everything is automated and nowadays all the jobs use in somehow, software built by engineers. If you want to learn in an easy way, and most importantly, do not get bored after a few days, let’s keep in touch

Spanish teacher/intrepreter (journalist) in Amsterdam Noord
Hello! My name is Lorena and I am 23 years old. I live in Amsterdam since 2 months ago and I really like it. I study journalism in Spain and I really like languages. I have experience as a teacher with kids and adults.

Primary & Secondary School tutoring: German, French and English
Hi! My name is Joana and I am originally from Luxembourg. Growing up in Luxembourg allowed me to be fluent in our three national languages: Luxembourgish, French and German (Native Proficiency). After graduating from high school with a specialisation in modern languages and humanities, I moved to the United Kingdom to study Journalism. Living in London for over three years allowed me to perfect my written and spoken English. Since I've been 16, I have been giving private tutoring lessons both to primary and secondary school students. I currently teach the following subjects: •German •French •English

Computer Basic to Front End, Back End, App Development, Services and Testing etc.
I am Professional Full Stack Developer from last 6 years. I can teach you all cool Stuff about Computers and Computer Programming. You can learn from basic to professional level.Following Topics Which I can teach you. Front End: HTML, HTML5, CSS, CSS3, BootStrap,JavaScript, Angular JS, Angular 2, React Js,Jquery,Ajax Back End: C, C++, DataStructure,OOPS, Java, J2EE,Hibernate, Spring, Struts,Wicket, ShellScripting,PHP, Node JS App Developement : Android, Hybrid App Development(Cordova, Ionic) Services: REST, SOAP Testing: Junit, Selenium Database: MySql, Oracle, DB2 OS: Windows, Linux, Ubntu, Unix Others: Artificial Intelligence(API AI/Dialog-flow), Web Crawling, Web Scrapping, Maths, Science

Statistics for Social and Behavioral Sciences or Business (under)graduate students
I have a background of Social and Behavioural Sciences and am very familiar with the theories and practices of basic to intermediate Statistics in the fields of Education, Psychology, Business and other disciplines which requires empirical studies. We can prepare for your Statistics exam together; I can also provide operational advice on your (under)graduation thesis which requires some data analysis. I am very familiar with SPSS as well.

Spanish Lessons with a Native Qualified Teacher. All Levels!
Spanish is the second most widely spoken language in the world, and more and more people is starting to learn it. Are you one of them? Would you like to have access to a huge range of cultures, countries and opportunities? Then start learning Spanish today! I am a young qualified Spanish teacher from Madrid, Spain. I have finished my Spanish Language and Literature University Degree and I have complement my linguistic education with a Spanish as a Foreign Language teaching training. So I have a deep understanding of my language, and also know how to plan well-structured, interesting, communicative and funny lessons so that you start to improve your Spanish from the very first day. I have experience both with children (from 7 years old) and adults, so all ages are welcome! The focus in my lessons is to actually communicate in Spanish, adapting the contents to your interests and goals. I am also becoming an official DELE examiner, so I can offer DELE exam preparation courses too. If you need learning Spanish for business purposes, contact me and we will discuss the approach that suits you better. Prices shown are for one-to-one lesson. If you would like to sign up together with someone else, ask me about group discounts. First meeting to check your level and targets is free. Don't hesitate to contact me for any further question :)

Primary & Secondary School tutoring: English Mathematics Geography History
I’m a postgraduate student at Vrije Universiteit, currently based in Haarlem. I provide private tutoring to both primary and secondary students for the following subjects: • English • Mathematics • Geography • History Please feel free to give me a call +31 684092271 Regards, Conor Greenan

French lessons for students or adults by native French speaker
Born and raised in Paris, France, I am a native French speaker who would love to teach you about the French language and its intricacies. Having had the pleasure of attending the prestigious Sorbonne in Paris, I have a Master's Degree in Literature, with a specialisation in French. I have tutored many students in France, preparing them for language exams and other courses. As I am also interested in cinema, arts and music, I can assure this class will be fun and interactive. I have worked in customer service for a long time as well - so I know how to adapt to stress.

Spanish Clases for all levels! Learn Spanish easily :)
I am a native Spanish girl that is currently living in Eindhoven. I have experience on teaching kids and teenagers, but I can easily adapt to all ages. I can teach all levels, from begginers to experienced speakers. I can go to your place or we can meet up somewhere. If you want to practise speaking, we can also do speaking lessons adapted to your level. Don't hesitate to contact me if you have any question! Hasta pronto :)

Trombone/Trumpet Music Lessons and General Music Lessons
Professional Trombone player offers lessons in Rotterdam. About me: // I'm a Professional trombone player currently studying my Master's Degree in Rotterdam with Ilja Reijngoud. I've studied a Bachelor Degree in Jazz Trombone in Spain and a higher education in Classical Music. - We will work general basic aspects of the instrument such as the sound, breathing, technic and so on. - We can work in Classical or Jazz Music, working aspects such as improvisation, modern harmony, songs, language... - Any level welcomed and I design and specifically plan for each person depending on what they want to work, the level or the needs of each one. - I can prepare also exams to access to Bachelor or Master's Degree.

English Language Teaching, Exam Preparation and Proofreading
I'm an experienced English language teacher with over 8 years professional experience. I have extensive experience tutoring academic English, as well as teaching general, business and English for specific purposes. I have also helped tutor students taking formal exams such as IELTS, TOEFL and CAE. I'm an enthusiastic, proactive and conscientious teacher. Every class is tailored to the needs of the student, and my classes are planned with your goals in mind. I am also available for online classes. Via an online suite, you can practice your English from anywhere. I am also available for blended learning courses (a combination of online and face to face classes). I am British (Accent: Cambridgeshire). I am currently based in Maastricht, but am available to travel to Eindhoven and Aachen where I also currently work.

I specialize in tutoring Italian to English speakers, children and adults. I have more than 8-year experience of teaching Italian, English and Law. Lessons are tailored according to each student's specific needs. Any level of knowledge from beginner to advanced. My course is addressed to: - University Students. - Professionals (Legal and Business in particular) - People who need Italian at work. - People who love to learn Italian language for passion.

Listening, Understanding, and Writing Skills in French or English.
I tutor in French and English to a wide range of students, from beginners to more advanced students. The point for both classes is to give beginners a glimpse into the beauty of the language and to introduce them to the basics in an entertaining and enjoyable way. The ultimate objective of these classes would be to ensure that beginners, by the end of the lessons, have acquired fair understanding, listening, and writing skills. On the other hand, advanced students are expected to experience even further progress in such skills. It must be noted that I will try to give each lesson in the targeted language, privileging the latter as much as possible during the lesson so as to help the student dive into the language.

English, Economics and Geography Tutoring in The Hague
Native English speaker with a background in economics and human geography, seeking to support your or your dependant's learning, without diminishing the curiosity for the subject studied. Can assist with exam preparation and designing individual study schedules, as well as (English) speaking practice and homework. I'm a patient and responsive individual, flexible with developing approaches that will suit your learning preferences. Specific elements I am proficient in: English: speaking, writing and reading. Economics: secondary school and undergraduate level economics, including macroeconomics, microeconomics, international economics, statistics, research methods etc. Geography: secondary school level physical and human geography. Classes can be arranged both at my place or at the student's home for a slightly higher fee. For more detailed information, please don't hesitate to contact me via email. Look forward to working with you!

English as a second language, Italian, and English language skills
Speaking English in this time is almost a must. This is why I aim to teach both beginner level speakers further, and to teach ESL. As one who is both a native speaker of english, and an avid student studying the language further, I hope to share the skill of learning and speaking English with my students. Moreover with an Italian father I have grown up both speaking and later studying Italian. Being such a beautiful and popular and language, I aim to introduce students to the basics of Italian in efforts to ensure they reach the ability to comprehend reading, speaking, and writing in Italian. When it comes to teaching ESL, English, and Italian at the beginner and intermediate levels I will begin with; the alphabet, pronunciations, nouns, adjectives, verbs, and learning to speak common phrases. My goal is to guide and help the students grasp a high level of understanding in the basics of English language skills, ESL, and Italian. Moreover, I aim, with the students, to achieve a more advanced level for the students in speaking, reading, and understanding. I can assure flexibility in my lessons. If students find they already know something quite well, I will not dwell on such topics too long and will move on to other topics that are new to them, or of interest. My goal is to provide a focused session in which the student is really the center of attention, where all their needs are met. I ensure that the classes I offer will be new and will offer interesting, and challenging tasks to each student based on their preferences and study techniques. As for textbooks and material, as the tutor I will provide essential worksheets for class and to take home, however if textbooks are to be necessary it will be up to the student to purchase them.

Mathematics, Economics (High School Tutoring) English (All Ages)
I specialise in tutoring both Mathematics and Economics at High School Level. All classes will be taught in English. I am also a native english speaker, born and raised in London, attending a leading independent girls' school and successfully completing A-Levels in Mathematics (A), Economics (A) and Spanish (B). I also achieved an A* grade at GCSE level in English Language and Literature.

Belén Gomez
Since Im a kid I always wish to can be a teacher in a future. Nowadays I'm living in Nederland so I want tostar with my dream. Im spanish native, also an aupair with hel so much to teach kids. In spanish I studied English Philology so I also have the skills for teach you the most practical, useful and best Spanish. Dont doubt of keep contact with me. If you want to learn, have fun and dont worry about nothing during a few hours send me a messega. I assure you that we are going to spend together a funny time and we are going to approach it as much as possible. For all ages.

English, German Tutor for students in high school!
As a German student, studying at a international school in Amsterdam (Hotelschool The Hague), with Cambridge Level C2, I will - tutor academic subjects in German and/or English - help develop general study skills - provide help with the oral and written aspects of the language(s) - thorough preparation for exams

Singing lessons, music theory lessons or English coaching
I am an english tenor currently studying at the Dutch National Opera Academy. I am happy to teach any style of singing and any age of pupil, though I am experienced in teaching classical voice. Before coming to Amsterdam I studied at Cambridge University and the Royal Academy of Music. I am also very experienced as a music theory teacher having taught children aged 5-18 for 4 years. I also teach English and particularly enjoy helping singers with their English repertoire.