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Courses: College/Business Mathematics, Introductory Statistics, Financial Management, Quantitative Methods and Accounting. For students pursuing higher education/ undergraduate studies at universities in areas such as Economics, accounting and other business related fields. College/Business Mathematics The tutorial sessions are structured to assist students master elementary mathematics/ mathematical concepts, for persons pursuing business undergraduate study and who are required to study mathematical models in areas such as economics and the management sciences. Introductory Statistics The classes/ tutorial sessions are designed to enable undergraduate students gain mastery of different concepts in relation to descriptive and inferential statistics and provide a solid foundation for further studies in research methods. Financial Management The tutorial sessions are designed to allow students at undergraduate level studying finance courses understand/master underlying concepts that form foundations in the theoretical framework of financial management. Quantitative Methods The tutorial sessions/classes are structured to enable undergraduate level business/management students gain a good understanding of introductory concepts to mathematical models and statistical analyses that are used in quantitative techniques for business decision-making. Accounting Tutorials are geared towards students pursuing undergraduate level financial/managerial accounting courses enabling them to master the underlying concepts for advanced study in the area of accounting. Information on course/subject area topics to be taught, will be provided by lecturer.
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