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Flute lessons for all levels (Classical repertoire, all periods)

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My name is Nuria and I offer flute lessons to students of all levels and ages, from begginers to people who are planning to audition in music schools or orchestras. The lessons are in English or Spanish (Dutch lessons coming very soon). The repertoire to work on covers all the periods of Classical Music history, from 17th Century to our days.
I just obtained my Masters in Classical Flute in the Conservatorium van Amsterdam, and will now specialize in Early Music Performance at the same school, studying traverso.

As a flute teacher I have got several years of experience, and teaching is one of my passions, since I always find a source of inspiration and knowledge in every student I have. My lessons do not only have a technical approach: besides, they constitute a continuous search of the best way to give musical expression to our flute performance. Our main goal is artistic, we must not forget this!

My schedules are very flexible, so we can plan the lessons every time if that suits you better.
We will work individually, so the lessons are adapted to each student's progress and character. But music is a social activity, and this means that concerts will be organized, and we will eventually work on chamber music together!

Extra informatie

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Would you like to work in a specific piece? All the propositions are welcome, there is something interesting to work on in every score.
Just make sure to bring your flute and yourself!


Op een locatie gekozen door de leraar : Jaap Speyerstraat, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Op een plaats gekozen door de leerling : In de omgeving van Amsterdam, Nederland

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Algemene info



Peuters (0-3 jaar oud)
Kleuters (4-6 jaar oud)
Kinderen (7-12 jaar oud)
Tieners (13-17 jaar oud)
Volwassenen (18-64 jaar oud)
Senioren (65+ jaar oud)

Niveau van de leerling:



45 minuten
60 minuten
90 minuten

De les wordt gegeven in:

Engels, Spaans, Nederlands


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Hmm, I guess it is always difficult to make an own's description! People usually say that I am a very calm person, but that is because they don't live inside my head. Have you ever watched the tv show Friends? Well, people who really know me say very offten that I remind them to Phoebe. But I I have no idea of who I remind myself to.

Let's see.. If I had to give a description (and according to Apprentus it seems I have to) I would say that I am a very interdisciplinary person. I am passional when it comes to learn something that I love, and quite unable to focus in just one field of study, because I adore every topic that can motivate me to think or reflect, including teaching.

Of course this doesn't mean I like everything (I must admit I am terrible at sciences) but Humanities and Arts in general have a great amount of subjects I am interested on. Here is a list of a few things I am focussing right now, or I have focussed in the past, or I am planning to study in a close future :)

Music Performance
Early Music Performance
Philosophy and Aesthetics of Arts
Musical teaching
Music Theatre and Stage performance,
Theatre and Dance
Literature (Essay and Narrative)
Philosophy of the language
History of Philosophy

Oh, and I love cats. Someone recommended me not to write this in my description, but I think it is needed. I love animals in general.


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Masters Degree in Classical Flute in the Conservatorium van Amsterdam (to be obtained in June 2017)

Bachelor Degree with Honours in Classical Flute in Musikene (Basque Country Highschool of Music)

Bachelor degree in Early Music (traverso) in the Conservatorium van Amsterdam. To be started in September 2017


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Prizes and awards:

- Cum Laude in Bachelor Final Research
- Jury’s special mention at the Young Musicians Standing Contest Juventudes Musicales de España (which also gave her the Bärenreiter Urtext Prize), 2011
- Second prize at the International Contest Andalucía Flauta 2008
- Representative of Madrid Community in the regional phase of the IX National Standing Contest Intercentros Melómano
- Prize winner of the Soloist Contest MUSIKENE 2013-2014 selected to play Mercadante Concerto Em with the Musikene Symphonic Orchestra
- Prize winner of the Soloist Contest “Concursarte 2010”, selected to play Chaminade Concertino with the CIEM FM Torroba Orchestra

Musical experience:

- Pedagogical concerts with the Bilbao Syphonic Orchestra. Position: Soloist
- Collaboration with the Basque Country Symphonic Orchestra (OSE) Position: piccolo
- Pedagogical concerts at the Kursaal Auditorium (Donostia, Basque Country)
- Member of the Chamber Orchestra Camerata Inceptum

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Nuria is very friendly, experienced, and patient with explaining a vision.

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Beschikbaarheid typische week

7  Maandag om 7:00  Dinsdag om 7:00  Woensdag om 7:00  Donderdag om 7:00  Vrijdag om 7:00  Zaterdag om 7:00  Zondag om 7:00
8  Maandag om 8:00  Dinsdag om 8:00  Woensdag om 8:00  Donderdag om 8:00  Vrijdag om 8:00  Zaterdag om 8:00  Zondag om 8:00
9  Maandag om 9:00  Dinsdag om 9:00  Woensdag om 9:00  Donderdag om 9:00  Vrijdag om 9:00  Zaterdag om 9:00  Zondag om 9:00
10  Maandag om 10:00  Dinsdag om 10:00  Woensdag om 10:00  Donderdag om 10:00  Vrijdag om 10:00  Zaterdag om 10:00  Zondag om 10:00
11  Maandag om 11:00  Dinsdag om 11:00  Woensdag om 11:00  Donderdag om 11:00  Vrijdag om 11:00  Zaterdag om 11:00  Zondag om 11:00
12  Maandag om 12:00  Dinsdag om 12:00  Woensdag om 12:00  Donderdag om 12:00  Vrijdag om 12:00  Zaterdag om 12:00  Zondag om 12:00
13  Maandag om 13:00  Dinsdag om 13:00  Woensdag om 13:00  Donderdag om 13:00  Vrijdag om 13:00  Zaterdag om 13:00  Zondag om 13:00
14  Maandag om 14:00  Dinsdag om 14:00  Woensdag om 14:00  Donderdag om 14:00  Vrijdag om 14:00  Zaterdag om 14:00  Zondag om 14:00
15  Maandag om 15:00  Dinsdag om 15:00  Woensdag om 15:00  Donderdag om 15:00  Vrijdag om 15:00  Zaterdag om 15:00  Zondag om 15:00
16  Maandag om 16:00  Dinsdag om 16:00  Woensdag om 16:00  Donderdag om 16:00  Vrijdag om 16:00  Zaterdag om 16:00  Zondag om 16:00
17  Maandag om 17:00  Dinsdag om 17:00  Woensdag om 17:00  Donderdag om 17:00  Vrijdag om 17:00  Zaterdag om 17:00  Zondag om 17:00
18  Maandag om 18:00  Dinsdag om 18:00  Woensdag om 18:00  Donderdag om 18:00  Vrijdag om 18:00  Zaterdag om 18:00  Zondag om 18:00
19  Maandag om 19:00  Dinsdag om 19:00  Woensdag om 19:00  Donderdag om 19:00  Vrijdag om 19:00  Zaterdag om 19:00  Zondag om 19:00
20  Maandag om 20:00  Dinsdag om 20:00  Woensdag om 20:00  Donderdag om 20:00  Vrijdag om 20:00  Zaterdag om 20:00  Zondag om 20:00
21  Maandag om 21:00  Dinsdag om 21:00  Woensdag om 21:00  Donderdag om 21:00  Vrijdag om 21:00  Zaterdag om 21:00  Zondag om 21:00
22  Maandag om 22:00  Dinsdag om 22:00  Woensdag om 22:00  Donderdag om 22:00  Vrijdag om 22:00  Zaterdag om 22:00  Zondag om 22:00
23  Maandag om 23:00  Dinsdag om 23:00  Woensdag om 23:00  Donderdag om 23:00  Vrijdag om 23:00  Zaterdag om 23:00  Zondag om 23:00
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Good-fit Leraar Garantie

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Private classical music lessons, flute lessons in Amsterdam
Flute lessons for students of all ages and levels! The lessons are individual and given in English or Spanish. The lessons take place in Amsterdam. I have experience in giving individual lessons for more than seven years in all levels and music styles. I am a disciplined, friendly and motivated person, always trying to get the best result with my students. During my degree, I won multiple individual prizes in different competitions and I joined several youth symphony orchestras chamber music groups, working at the same time with different professional symhony orchestras. I recently got my Master Diploma at the Conservatorium van Amsterdam. Do you want to learn music and have fun while playing the flute? Do not hesitate to contact me! We will have a very pleasant time while learning music!

Playing Flute (dwarsfluit) - Any age, any genre, starting now
My name is Tatiana and I am a flute player and an electronic musician. My passion for music first started when I was young and my parents showed me Brazilian folk music and I felt that I wanted to be able to play some of my favourite songs. I ended up in a classic conservatory and throughout my career I developed myself both as a classical and folk musician. I started to teach when I was 18 and for 6 years I taught in a project similar to the one of El Sistema in Venezuela. There I found how music can take such a social action on a community and develop the feeling of responsibility and friendship. In our lessons I would love tho share this feeling with you and enable you to develop the tools to share your passion with the world. This can come from playing a song, learning how to program or just by finding new ways on how to hear and experience music. This class is open to anyone from any age.