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Piano, the instrument used by the romantics to make their most beautiful music, but also by the most experimental and modern composers to create their amazing music. Isn't it a great instrument to play? With more than 5 years of experience teaching in music schools and 8 years as a private piano teacher, I developed an efficient and "fun"-focusing way to teach how to play the instrument. Every student is different, so also the way to play and learn shall be different, which makes every single lesson special and rewarding. I also offer the possibility of teaching in groups: if you want to know more about this option. I hope I become the teacher you want and need!
Leading a group of musicians. Conducting is a necessary part of every performance with an orchestra, a wind band, opera performances, a choir and even smaller groups. Would you like to grab the baton? I'm a specialist in the conducting of Contemporary Music, which requires a deep knowledge of the music and how it works. I can teach any interested student how to conduct any kind of group: do you want to become the conductor of your local wind band? Are you planning to start your own small orchestra and you want to know how to conduct it? We can work together on that, so you will learn, gradually, how to deal with all the required things to lead any group: the musical part itself, but also the group psychology, management, etc. Join this class and enjoy of making music!
It’s time to write those musical ideas you have in mind! I’m Iago: pianist, composer, and conductor. With more than 9 years of teaching experience, I can help you, your children, family or friends to learn how to write all the musical ideas you have and want to share. About me? I’m a professional composer (experimental music and opera) with a master's degree from the Conservatorium Maastricht under the guidance of Vykintas Baltakas. I’m also a piano performer specialized in contemporary music (piano and electronic music, why not?), and I’m also running my own multimedia ópera company in the Netherlands. I’ve been teaching for 9 years, which allowed me to notice how important it is to adapt all the lessons to the students. Teaching music is my passion, so my teaching way is not just superficial. About the lessons? The lessons are planned to be as practical as possible and always adapted to the music taste of every student. The development of the lessons goes through different musical elements: harmony, structure, rhythm, new technologies, etc. The main core of this course is being able to write several pieces with different instruments and tools.

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Fantastic teacher, explains things in easy-to-understand language and tailors lessons to my goals.

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